How To Remove The Red Filter On TikTok (100 % Working Method?)
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How To Remove The Red Filter On TikTok (100 % Working Method?)

Have you ever heard about the silhouette challenge on TikTok? Well, who has not? But what about that annoying red filter background? I am sure; you must have been staying away from the silhouette challenge because of that over-dramatic red light effect.

If that is true, we are here with good news. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can now easily remove the red filter from your videos. Yes, it has now become possible.

Are you already curious to know the trick? Hold your horses! We have all that you have been looking for. Read through this article attentively to know how to remove the red filter on TikTok?

But before we move towards the point of concern, let us first share the background of this hyped-up topic.

What Is The Reason Behind The Growing Popularity Of The Red Filter On TikTok?

TikTok has been making news ever since it was introduced in September 2016. Apart from gathering praise for its unbelievable transition effects, it has received immense criticism for promoting obnoxious content.

Critics confidently claim that TikTok challenges have a life-threatening influence on teenagers and adults who do not hesitate to go beyond their limits. It is because they merely want to create some unique content for this highly creative platform.

One of the many TikTok challenges is the Silhouette challenge. It has been trending the charts since 2024 and is still one of the most viral TikTok challenges ever. To be honest, the challenge is not as tricky as it seems. It is about recording a video using a red filter that transforms you into a silhouette. At the same time, everything else in the image turns red.

It reflects why the popular red filter has now become the talk of the town. Isn’t it an intriguing trend? You must also be tempted to give it a try today. But wait? What about that scary red light effect? Don’t worry; we have got you covered.

Why Do People Want To Remove The Red Filter On TikTok?

If you have not heard about this trending topic, you must be wondering why people want to remove the red filter on TikTok.

There are several different perspectives to this scenario. Let’s highlight them to help you find answers to your questions.

1. The Red Filter Is Criticised For Its Over-Dramatic Outlook

Even though TikTok is all about drama and music, not all users are fond of transforming themselves into a silhouette with a blood-red background. Therefore, they tend to find an effective way to remove the red filter from their videos.

2. People Think Of Red As A Colour Of Warning Or Danger

Have you ever heard of erythrophobia? In simple words, It is the fear of the color red. Yes, you have read that right. Red is not everyone’s favorite color; some people are rather afraid of seeing it around.

It forms another significant reason why people want to remove this trending red light filter from their TikTok videos.

3. Users Want To Add Some Other Colour Of Their Choice

TikTok users are always in awe of bringing the best of their creative skills. Keeping this in view, several TikTok users decide to take a different pathway.

That is why, instead of coming up with a red background displaying a silhouetted version of themselves, they want to do it with a different background color of their choice. After all, TikTok is all about surviving in the pool of highly innovative individuals.

4. People Want To Have A Colourful Background To Their Silhouette

Why choose a single color when your personality has all the colors that possibly exist in this universe. This approach sometimes makes it difficult for the user to settle for the typical red light effect.

As a result, they find ways to remove the red light filter, replacing it with a lively background of different colors. Well, isn’t it admirable? What an artistic approach towards a trending TikTok challenge!

5. This Red Filter Is Receiving Immense Criticism For Its Role In Promoting Pornography

Intending to present a finished silhouette, users have been recording these videos without wearing any clothes. It has become a major concern among critics who claim that removing the red filter can expose a naked individual.

It is an alarming concern and must not be taken casually. Be careful and avoid all that can harm your privacy.

How To Remove The Red Filter On TikTok

Criticism and praise about the trending silhouette challenge will continue to be a hot air balloon that can burst anytime. But that must not stop you from learning how to remove the red filter on TikTok.

So, here you go; this section has all that you may need to know as a beginner or a professional video editor. Give it a read to unfold the untold.

Tips For Beginners

For beginners, the good idea is to have a look at the basics first. After all, one must first learn ‘A’ if he wishes to go all the way to ‘Z.’

1. Create Two Videos And Merge Them With The Help Of A Transition Effect

The most reliable idea is to make two videos,  one with a filter and one without. Once you have done that, merge the two in a way that instant transition happens, and the cycle of having a filtered video and the unfiltered video continues.

It will highlight your creative abilities while saving you from the monotony of having a blood-red background. For a fact, It is a highly useful tip for people with erythrophobia. Try it out, and don’t forget to share it with others in need.

2. Use A Free Video-Editing App Or Software

Whether you are an android user or an iPhone, you can easily find several free video editing applications. Find the one with the highest rating, install it and upload the video you would like to edit.

Once you have successfully done that, the next step is to play with your video’s exposure, brightness, and contrast. Adjust it, and you will soon succeed in removing the red filter on TikTok.

However, every video will saturate the red light effect at a different brightness, exposure, and contrast level. Please continue to play until you succeed.

3. Take Help From Online Third Party Programs

Given the hype, there are now several online third-party software programs that allow you to remove the red filter without any added difficulties. Simply import the video from your gallery to the platform and click the “remove background red filter” button.

Wait for a few minutes and get your hands on a video without the red filter effect.

Suppose you are an expert video editor who is already familiar with the use of professional tools. What are you waiting for? Use your expertise and say bye to the red light effect within minutes.


Whether you are a professional video editor or you have recently joined this field, you will have to invest your time in removing the red filter on TikTok. However, with the right tips and tricks, you may save yourself from wasting hours and hours on this minor task.

Therefore, take help from this article and get ready to do things more easily.

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