How to Restart on Clash of Clans
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How to Restart on Clash of Clans

Supercell has developed Clash of Clans, a freemium mobile strategy video game. The game’s goal is to create a community, develop a base, and protect your territory. You can battle alongside other players in a clan or play alone against a succession of enemy structures.

Clash of Clans constantly improves to give Supercell gamers a more user-friendly, stable, and enjoyable online experience. Since the game’s debut in 2012, it has received several upgrades.

Many players in Clashes of Clean are currently concentrating on building their new defensive base as secure as possible. However, you’d likely want to start from scratch. Supercell, unfortunately, does not make it easy or comfortable for you to do so.


There is unquestionably some extra benefit in the beginning after gaining some of the most helpful information. Unfortunately, in Clash of Clans, this isn’t easy.

Clash of Clans was not neglected and corrupted once more, according to Supercell’s support page. Your village is linked to your Game Center account on iOS, so you’ll either need to check in with a separate Game Center account or download the game to a new device.

Removing Clash Of Clans Account From The Game Center

  1. To permanently remove your clash of clans accounts from the game center, simply follow these easy instructions.
  2. Go to settings, then Google accounts, and turn it off.
  3. Wait for around 20-30 seconds while staring at the screen.
  4. Your clash of clans account has been permanently removed from the game center.

You can also factory reset your smartphone or iPhone if that is not an option. However, it depends on the software you use since this game varies from software to software.

Identifying Your Mobile Device

Clash of Clans is a cross-platform game that functions differently depending on the software installed on your mobile device. Which cell phone do you have, Android or iOS?. Well, they both have different methods that will be explained further.

Restarting Clash Of Clans On Android

Remove the Clash of Clans app that you use. But the main focus should not be the app, but a clash of clans account and how it should be removed.

Steps To Follow

  1. Keep pressing the icon for a few seconds, then select the delete option and confirm your selection. When you’re finished, the app will be removed from your smartphone.
  2. In the next step, reinstall the game from the app store. You must have been thinking is it necessary to remove m account just for restarting Clash of CLANS. Let me tell you, this step is critical if you wish to begin a new game.
  3. To exit the clan wars In Clash of Clans, simply tap the settings button to log out.
  4. Now, launch the new Clash of Clans that you just downloaded. It is the first step towards resuming your game.
  5. Then, when requested to continue with your previous village, select the cancel option. If you do not finish this stage, you will be sent to your last town, where repeat all over again.

And tada! You have successfully restarted your game.

For iPhone Users

The procedure of reinstalling Clash of Clans on iOS is a little complex. So, one must follow all of the instructions.

If you want to reset the game on an Apple device, you’ll have to do a full factory reset. Because a factory reset erases all of the data on your phone, you should make a backup before proceeding. Otherwise, you will lose all of your existing files and information.

If you take a complete backup of your data and information, you can resume your clash of clans.

Steps To Follow

  1. Select the General section from the settings choices.
  2. There is a “factory reset” option here. You must choose it, and your phone will return to its default settings, which are the specifications that came with your phone.
  3. Take your time and format your phone.
  4. Create a new clash of clans game center accounts for free now. You mustn’t utilize your old Game Center account since all of your former village’s information is stored. As a result, you’ll need to create a new game center account.
  5. Redownload Class of Clans from the iOS Store after finishing this procedure; however, notification of how to create a new clash of clans account appears on the screen. The solution is to quickly establish a recent clash of clans account when you reinstall the game.
  6. Clash of Clans will now ask if you want to restore your previous town; select “Cancel” to resume the game.

You can start fresh with exciting challenges and skills and defeat other players to rise to the top.


The essential step is deciding what you want to protect trophies or resources. It’s critical to have a decent town layout, especially if you’re fighting for trophies awarded for successfully assaulting or defending a village and are used to rank players.

Thus, it is mandatory to have a strong builder defensive base, and users tend to achieve that by resetting or restarting their games. It can be done either from the game center or from the type of phone that they are using.

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