How Do You Fix The Error Code Or-Ieh-01?
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How Do You Fix The Error Code Or-Ieh-01?

Google Pay is currently one of the most widely used payment platforms. Although Google has put a lot of thought and work into its app, it has problems like every other piece of technology. You can pay for your purchases on Google Play Store with your credit or debit card without any issues.

You may pay for your purchases on Google Play Store with your credit or debit card, which is handy. Unfortunately, several consumers have complained that when using their credit cards, there have been issues. They get a payment error from Google.

What Are The Causes Of Google AdsensePayment Errors?

Before you can solve Problem code or-ieh-o1, you must first understand why this error occurs. According to our analysis, several variables cause Google Play Store to generate this notification. The following is a list of general concerns that may affect your credit card and payment.

  • Using VPN Or A Proxy Service

A VPN, or virtual private network, is beneficial to your protection, privacy, and security. You can mask your IP address and network when using the internet, including apps on an Android smartphone. However, a credit card issue with VPN results in an Error code [Or-Ieh-01].

  • Custom Firmware And Root Access

Because Android is an open-source operating system, several suppliers create their firmware. Some users are interested in learning more about Android devices. They use root access and altered firmware to accomplish this. After completing both steps, the gadget is brand new in terms of the system. All vendor settings and limitations have been removed.

“Error code [Or-Ieh-01]” is what Google Payment is expecting. There has been an unexpected error. Would you please try again when the device’s firmware is unknown? Even if the hardware is from a well-known manufacturer, the platform and system are unfamiliar.

When the firmware is downloaded from an unknown source, it is the most dangerous situation. Your phone is in danger, and your credit card is attempting to avoid an unwanted transaction.

  • Resident And The Language Incorrectly Indicate The Account

The error code [Or-Ieh-01] is generated when users select a language other than their own. Consider the following scenario: you are in Asia, yet the language setting is primarily in English. That configuration does not match your Google Account profile.

SolutionsTo Fix The Error Code Or-Ieh-01?

  • Verify Your Google Account

The errors Or-Ieh-01 and Ieh-02 will cause your record to be temporarily suspended. You get details from Google about how your record should be confirmed. Follow the instructions and show your ID card or records. You may also provide papers with your name as the address, in addition to your ID.

These documents may include service invoices or financial institution articulations that will support your card and authorize your record. You can also submit data with your name and address in addition to your ID. These records may include service invoices or bank explanations that support and corroborate your unique identification card.

  • Check The Information On Your Credit Card

  1. Make sure your card details match the name and address on your Google Payments account. If none of the above-stated solutions work for you, contact Google Play Store again for assistance. You can log in to your Google Payments account.
  2. Select the “subscriptions as solutions” site page from the left menu.
  3. Click View purchases on the “Other buy task” card.
  4. To see your installment method, click the “Google Play” enrollment exchange.
  5. If you need to change the addresses on your Google Payments account, go to the left menu and select “payment ways.”
  • Turn Off Your VPN Service

When purchasing through the Google Play Store, it’s essential to disable any VPN or proxy services you’re using temporarily.


There are a variety of reasons why you’re getting these Google Payments errors. Google may have detected potential fraud or risk when using your card to make a purchase, resulting in the error message.

It’s possible that Google is unaware of your firmware or that you’re using a VPN service that hides your IP address. The information on your credit card does not match what you have in Google Payments.

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