MetroFax Login | Login Guide
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MetroFax Login | Login Guide

Today, most of our work is done digitally. A lot of digital platforms are providing services to their customers. You can even send documents online via fax from your device to others. It is an easy process and saves a lot of time.

Similarly, Metrofax has been working since 1927 and provides helpful services to hundreds of its customers daily. It is one of the famous and time-saving online fax service apps. But to avail of the fantastic features of Metrofax, you have to log in to the website

In this article, I will provide complete guidance about how you can log in to the website of Metrofax and enjoy its services. But before that, let’s see what Metrofax is?

What is the Metrofax Application?

MetroFax App

Metrofax is an excellent application to send and receive online faxes. You need to open the website’s home page on your mobile or computer, and by simply logging into the website, you can easily send faxes with a single touch.

If you are running a company or a single person and want to send a fax online, this is the best application you can use. It comprises several plans for everyone according to their needs. It is much cheaper than a lot of other online fax service applications.

Metrofax Login Registration

To use Metrofax, you need to have an account on the Metrofax website. Here, I will help you with how you can sign in to the website to transfer documents from one device to another. It is a straightforward process and requires two essential things, which are:

An email address

An email address is the identity of the user. It is necessary to have a unique email address to log in to the Metrofax website.

A Password

It is compulsory to have a unique and strong password for security, like email addresses. Try to have at least eight characters in your password and ensure that you don’t tell it to anyone. If you don’t remember the password, you can set a new one by clicking on the forget password option.

Steps for Registration

Following are the steps that you can follow to register on the Metrofax application.

  • Firstly you have to open the home page of the Metrofax. You can type in the search bar or click on the URL given, and you will reach the home page directly:
  • Now the home page of Metrofax demands an email address for confirmation. Fill the box carefully and provide a confidential personal email. After giving the email address, click on ‘Create an account.’
  • Metrofax service will send you the link in the email you have provided for confirmation. When you click on the link, you will directly proceed to the website’s home page.
  • After this, you have to set a password for the email for security. Ensure that the password you have created is long enough and contains numbers and analphabets. If you forget the password, you can change it at any time.
  • Once you set the password, fill in the other information they asked for, like full name, country, phone number, etc.
  • Then you will receive a code on your phone number for confirmation. Type the unique code in the option provided.

Congratulations, you have created an account on the Metrofax application, and now you can use its features to send and receive documents online.

How to log in to Metrofax?

How to log in to Metrofax

Creating an account is not the only process required. You have to log in by providing your email address and password. Don’t worry, it is an easy step, and here I will tell you how you can log in to your account:

  • Open the home page or website by writing
  • You will see a login button on the left side of the home page.
  • Click on the button, and a page will open that demands an email address and password.
  • Fill in the email address and password details in the specific box.
  • Click on the button login. Now you have logged in to your Metrofax account.

Metrofax is an effortless way to send faxes online. Even a beginner can easily use this application and its features. Whenever you receive a fax or any notification, the app will automatically alert you about the incoming fax so that you can receive it instantly.

Metrofax provides you with a feature named ‘Web send.’ This feature helps you send online fax with a browser at any place and time.

Metrofax Pricing Plans

Metrofax application has several pricing plans for its users. You can avail a monthly and a yearly package according to your needs. However, you can also get a free 30 days trial without paying any money.

Following are some price rates of the plans delivered by the application:

  • The monthly program of Metrofax has an amount of $7.95.
  • A yearly package comes at the rate of $6.63.

These packages have some conditions, as you can only fax up to 500 documents in this package. Also, only five people can use the account at one time.


Metrofax is a reliable application that is very convenient to use even by new users. Creating an account on the Metrofax application is a simple task. You have to create a username and a password.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you understand the complete process of logging into the Metrofax application. Good luck in the future!

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