Joinpd: Peardeck Login process in 2024 (Updated Method)
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Joinpd: Peardeck Login Process in 2024 (Updated Method)

Today’s world is evolving with innovative technologies and progressive scientific techniques, which is making everything easy for human beings in the world in every field. So don’t you think that all this is possible because of education that made the human brain strong enough to take worlds to another dimension of technology?

That’s why these innovative technologies are making progress in the education department, especially after the pandemic when the term “work from home” arose. So, here we are talking about such an educational platform that is helping many students and teachers as one can operate it online, making it easy for you.

Learning methodologies are also changed, which greatly enhances the learning processes. This thing also increased the effectiveness of learning among students. This is also useful for teachers because they can provide a better source of education to their students by just sitting at home.

The Peardeck is an innovative teaching and learning method that allows the students to learn through this and teachers to teach the students. It is specially made for the teachers to easily boost their teaching skills, which they can’t overcome in the physical classes.

Mostly the teachers convey the old ritual concepts of learning, which becomes difficult for the students to digest as they are the youngsters of the new and modern generation. Therefore, this teaching method is designed for the teachers to correct their ambiguities and explore new things while delivering lectures to the class.

Moreover, this teaching tool also helps the teachers engage the students with the class lectures as they will use new study methodologies. So in this way, teachers can make the learning skills of their students more powerful than before. With the help of Peardeck, teachers can easily interact with students.

As a teacher, you can use various new features of the Peardeck, which enables you to test your students’ abilities remotely. Such amazing features help the teachers create question-answer sessions, quizzes, and many more, which will surely bring the active and brilliant students out of their shells in the class.

Now, as we have enough knowledge about Peardeck, let’s understand what the Joinpd: Peardeck system is and how it works for both students and teachers.

Joinpd: Peardeck

The Peardeck is a teaching tool we described earlier, but the Joinpd is combined with it for different purposes. First, Joinpd is an online platform working actively. This platform offers the facility of joining presentations that are held officially by the teachers only.

This website is designed for teachers who require an official id and password to be logged in. It is used mostly by teachers, who can conduct an online class by presenting their lectures through this platform. You can create a presentation via the Joinpd website. It also permits the student to create assignment presentations on it.

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Features of Joinpd: Peardeck teaching tool

This teaching tool is designed for the teachers to improve their teaching methods by learning various helpful features that can help you in many ways. This tool can even check your students’ understandability level, which is difficult to do while in physical classes. Let’s explore some of its useful features:

· Availability of content every time

On the Peardeck website, teachers can easily create presentations on new topics and then upload them on the site for the students to watch. Teachers can also build a new lesson for the students by using multiple templates to make it more engaging for the students.

This website has a complete library of already-made presentation templates which are easy to access for the official teachers of a specific school. Moreover, the content you upload on it will remain there, which will be very helpful for the students to watch later before any test or exam.

· Enhanced learning

This website completely supports active learning, which means teachers and students can interact with each other just like the class discussion about a new topic. Additionally, the combo of teachers and students can practice in the active learning process.

Through this website, teachers can easily create different activities to engage the class and enhance their learning skills which are quite tough to achieve in regular class. In addition, these activities also optimize the group working skills of students. Eventually, the performance of students also increases.

· Helping videos

This tool changes the teaching methods completely as it offers amazing features that are easy to use. Furthermore, this website contains different helping videos to guide the teachers on how to use it properly. The reason is that once you know how to use it, it will become your companion in teaching.

Furthermore, Peardeck provides tip videos for the teachers about how to enhance learning content using its various useful features. For example, the guided videos help the teachers a lot about how to add questions in lectures, give student notes, manage slide library, etc.

· Offers training

This is the best feature of Peardeck till now as it offers the training sessions to the teachers whether they are new or old on the website. Even the administrators of the school or college can attend these training sessions. The training sessions are based on pre-recorded webinars that help you get started on the session.

It involves the intro towards Peardeck for Google presentation slides, and then it shows you how to use the website for using PowerPoint online to make multiple teaching stuff. The new ones on the website can join this session and the intermediates.

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Process of creating an account as a teacher on Peardeck

To join Peardeck as a teacher, you have to fulfill the signup requirements, which are given below to help you in doing this easily:

  • In the first step, go to the official website and click the signup option.
  • Then you will see two options of teacher and administrator and choose the one you are.
  • Now the website will need you to give access to Google Drive.
  • Nextly, you will give answers to the questions asked by the website of Peardeck.
  • Enter your email id and password.
  • Then enter the postcode of your city and school name. If the list doesn’t have your postcode, then you can enter a five-digit number as it will be replaced.
  • Now, you can add Google slides to it according to the instructions.

Once you sign up to Peardeck, you don’t need to repeat this process. Instead, only add the email and password every time to login into your Peardeck account.

Process of creating an account as a student on Joinpd

The login process for students on the Joinpd is different because the Peardeck is not for pupils, but Joinpd is for both. Follow the given below instructions if you are a student:

  • Firstly, you need to make your Microsoft account before login into this website.
  • The teacher will share the link after creating it with the students.
  • The students can easily join the link by clicking on the link.
  • If you have the code, you can easily enjoy the session by writing the code after opening the official website of Joinpd.

Final words

Peardeck is one of the most popular educational platforms online for teachers and students through which both of them can easily conduct online classes and discuss problems in an interactive environment. So, if you are a teacher reading this, I encourage you to use this website to enhance your teaching skills and increase your students’ performance.

Best of luck!

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