H33t Proxy | Unblock h33t.to Alternative Torrents Sites, 100% Working Proxies
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H33t Proxy | Unblock h33t.to Alternative Torrents Sites, 100% Working Proxies

Everyone loves to watch movies and TV shows, play games, listen to songs, read eBooks, etc. So what can be more delightful if you get this content for free without paying a single rupee? In this regard, a lot of torrent sites are emerging on the internet nowadays.

These torrent websites provide awesome content for free. You can enjoy your favorite content by just downloading them from these websites. You can also download the latest software for your computer through these websites. They are effortless to use, and that’s why they are getting popular.

However, these torrent sites can bring many viruses to your computer or whatever device you are using. H33t is also a torrent site that ensures that not a single virus could enter your device. H33t torrent is getting very famous for the past few years.

H33t Proxy

H33t is a torrent site that allows you to download content like movies, TV shows, web series, software, games, eBooks, and songs. It provides HD quality data with a high speed and 100% 1.5 million verified torrents.

This site is straightforward to use and thoroughly reviewed by the site staff. However, any poor-quality torrent is immediately removed by the site. Thousands of users are downloading free content daily from this torrent website.

Gregory Qualis found the H33t proxy. The best thing is that it is an antivirus software company that uses Anti-Spyware software. So it is not just a torrent site but also antivirus software.

It protects your computer or any device which you are using from all kinds of harmful viruses. These viruses are nasty for your device as they can destroy the functioning of the device.

It also keeps your privacy and prevents sending any data from your device to any third person. Besides this, it also removes the infected files from your computer. That’s why using an H33t proxy to download data is the best and secure option.

H33t Proxies and Mirror Sites

Most of these torrent sites are illegal as they contain a lot of content from different media platforms. Similarly, H33t is also an unlawful site. That’s why it has been blocked in several areas of the world. That means you cannot open or use the site directly if it is blocked.

But every problem always has a solution. You can use the proxy site; with this, you can unblock the blocked site or sites similar to the content available on the original site; called mirror sites, when they are blocked.

These mirror sites have the same data as the original one. Therefore, you can easily download the content of your choice free of cost by using proxy or mirror sites.

Links or URLs of Proxy/Mirror Sites

The links or URLs of some proxy and mirror sites are provided below.

https://h33t.to https://h33t.to
https://h33t.ag https://h33t.ag
H33t Proxy 1 Sitenable.ch
H33t Proxy 2 https://freeproxy.io/
H33t Proxy 3 https://sitenable.top
H33t Proxy 4 https://siteget.net/
H33t Proxy 5 https://sitenable.info/
h33t Mirror http://h33tmirror.co/
h33t movies https://h33t.to
h33t proxy uk http://h33t.uk.to/
Unblock H33t h33tunblocked.co

Above are the links of some popular proxy/mirror sites of H33t. By clicking or copying the link on the search bar, you will quickly reach the torrent sites from where you can download the data you want.

Unblocking of H33t.to

As you know, H33t is an illegal site and is blocked in several areas of the world. To unblock this site and use it as an original site, you can consider two options; using a proxy site or VPN. However, in my view, VPN is a better option than using a proxy site due to security reasons.

Proxy Sites

Proxy sites are used to unblock the original websites and use them to download different stuff. H33t also has many proxy sites that help to unlock H33t.to very quickly.

These proxy sites behave as a link between the user and the blocked website. However, proxy sites are also considered illegal, and there can be a chance of being tracked by the authorities.


Using a VPN to unblock the H33t.to site is a more secure and safe option because it doesn’t show information related to your identities like IP address and location. That’s why you cannot get tracked by the authorities, unlike proxy sites.

To unblock a blocked site, you first need to install the VPN software on your device. After installing the software, you must connect the VPN to the server you want to block with the lowest ping (shown in ms). After that, you can easily open the blocked site.

Settings you can configure with H33t Proxy

H33t proxy allows you to configure some settings. For example, you can check the detected areas in your device and easily clean them with H33t. Furthermore, if you have a good quality internet connection, you can also use “real-time protection” for more and better protection.

Some alternative and proxy sites are given below

H33t.to proxy

This is the most popular and highly recommended proxy site. It has almost all the data as of the original site. You will require a VPN to open this site.


H33t.agis a pretty popular mirror site. You can find almost all the necessary data of the original one on this mirror site. However, you will also require a VPN to open this.


This is another mirror site of H33t, but it doesn’t have all the data of the original site. However, you can access this site without a VPN, but it is better to use a VPN because it is very malicious and might damage your device.


It is again a top-rated mirror site among people. It has some great and enjoyable content.


H33t.com is a popular but relatively slower mirror site. It is essential to use this mirror site with some caution because it will redirect to other sites when you open this site.


Siteget.net is relatively a less popular site because it is not well-known among people. You can find some unique content on this site.


Sitenable.info is again a very famous mirror site, and a lot of people use this. It is also known by the name H33t mirror.


This mirror site is very famous for downloading the latest movies. H33t.io has almost all kinds of movies. But this site is not suitable for every content. However, this site has many movies from different languages that you can watch with subtitles.


It is a very well-known site and highly recommended by Google. You can see an incredible range of content on this mirror site.

H33t Alternative

Top 15 H33t Alternatives

You can also check some alternative sites like H33t. They also have different content like movies, games, songs, web series, software, and eBooks. Following are some popular torrent sites other than H33t torrent:

  • The Pirate Bay
  • LimeTorrents
  • TamilGun
  • Zooqle
  • YTS proxy
  • Seedpeer
  • TamilMV
  • Naa Rockers
  • TamilRockers
  • Torrent Downloads
  • 1337X
  • Kickass
  • ExtraTorrent
  • Movie4K


H33t is a top-rated and versatile torrent site that provides a wide range of content and prevents damage to your device. In addition, you can easily download the content of your choice through this site.

However, when a torrent site starts getting popular, there is a high risk of getting a block. That’s why we have listed above some popular alternative options for you to choose from so that you will not miss any entertainment or joy. Hope this article helped you.

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